McLean Wykowski 2001
McLean in 2001
McLean Wykowski 2003
McLean in 2003
McLean Wykowski
Portrayed by K. J. Penthouse
Episode Fly Away
Status Alive

McLean Wykowski is the father of Rosie Miles and was the grandfather of Toya Miles. After her mother's death, Rosie was left in the care of her father. It was not a pleasant time for Rosie as her father was extremely abusive to her and hit her many times, especially on her arms. It is later revealed by Lilly that he did more than hit Rosie as she was sited to have gonorrhea when she was 8 and again when she was 10.

After she became an adult, Rosie cut off contact with her father forever and changed her last name to Miles. Only when she realized her daughter was being circled by Mr. Freely, their social worker, did she break that silence. She reached out one time for her father to protect Toya. But McLean didn't understand her words and didn't offer help.

He admits when confronted that he was out in the drive way to apologize but left when he saw Philip Williams come to her apartment.

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