Matt Doherty was a then teenage boy and unintended ringleader in the 1993 murder of Wanda Johnson, a fifteen year old acquatiance of his and his then best friend Ronnie Tavares. She would die by being accidentally shot to death in the chest when the two boys fought over possession of the gun, which belonged to Matt‘s father. Overwhelmed with emotion, Ronnie and Matt would run off with her body and dump it in The Badlands, an unflattering neighborhood in the city. Sixteen years later in 2010, the two, now former friends would be reunited when the case would be brought up again when evidence of their involvement in the crime would be found. They both remorsefully confess and even said nothing was supposed to happen; Wanda‘s passing was an accident; she was the unfornate victim in this case. Shocking information is Matt is the son of Patrick Doherty, Philadelphia‘s police deputy commissioner! Patrick would found out the horrible truth back then when cleaning out the murder site: his own car and hide all involvement of his son and Ronnie. Plus, Matt is now a parent himself....AWKWARD!