Madison Reed
Madison in 2002
Madison Reed
Portrayed by Alexa Nikolas
Episode 8:03 AM
Status Deceased (2002)

Madison Reed was a young Caucasian girl and high school freshman who was shot to death outside her school on January 28, 2002 at 8:03am. During that same time, a fifteen year old African-American boy, Skill Jones is also shot to death outside his school. Her mother, Shirley Reed suffered from a methamphetamine addiction that started after her father and Shirley's husband left. Shirley depended on Madison to help her.

Madison bought drugs from a boy named Gibby Hanes to give to her mother. Madison's friend, Michael Ellis revealed that he loved her. Gibby shot and killed Madison because she was going to tell the police about his drug dealing and also for teasing him about actually thinking people like him, all the while they only like him because of his "little business"-drug dealing. She was killed with the same gun that Skill used to have and planned on selling to Gibby.