Luther Bubley 1999
Luther in 1999
Luther Bubley 2003
Luther in 2003
Luther Bubley 2005
Luther in 2005
Luther Bubley
Portrayed by Dabir Snell (1999)
Mañe Rich Andrew (2003-2005)
Episode Saving Patrick Bubley
Status Deceased (2005)

The fourth son of Maeve Bubley. He would also be murdered, but not by Miguel Maldonado...but by his crew for retaliating against them in public because he recognized them as the killers of his three other brothers and the scooter that stolen from his younger brother, Patrick years ago (the same day as his older brother, Vaughn-the first victim was killed). Even though he wasn't there, Miguel would be responsible for Luther's death because the long standing feud between him, his crew, and the Bubley Family; recognizing Luther as a Bubley was a mark for death.

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