Luke Cronin
Luke in 1999
Luke Cronin
Portrayed by Nick Niven
Episode Forensics
Status Deceased (1999)

Luke Cronin was a eighteen year old boy and high school senior whose decisions would cost him his life. He was a talented, sweet, and amazing young man who had skills in everything he touched, especially in debating that would make him a legend in his two schools: Jefferson High and Maynerd Green. But his time at Maynerd Green would change him....for the negative. He lost touch with his old life, hurting everyone and everything in his path, specifically his friends and family. Two events would change his life: not seeing his friends at Jefferson High anymore, especially his best friend Ronnie Jacks, which was both upsetting to the boys. And not being there for his family, specifically his father Stan Cronin, who became suicidal because of his son's absence at home. That would wound him deeply, as his son was all he had. Luke would die at the hands of another man who also doted on him: his coach, teacher, and mentor: Darren Musk. Darren, a debating master himself couldn't accept that his star student and debater would be leaving Maynard Green. In a very heated argument over the latter issue and Luke finding out that Darren had lied about his debate career (he wasn't a champion like he said he was; he could have been, but had and still has a boastful and huge ego that ruined his chances and deeply embarrassed him), Darren would lose it and murder Luke by brutally shooting him to death. He would later sabotage the crime scene and manipulate Luke's body (he would put the weapon; a gun that tragically belonged to the elder Cronin, which Luke had to take with him; his dad tried to kill himself with it, along pills and alcohol in the dead boy’s hands to look like he committed suicide). Luke would go off to meet Mr. Musk to discuss his decision of ditching Maynerd Green and returning to his old school, Jefferson. He couldn't take the stress of Maynerd and it was literally killing him; had to take pills, like his dad to help with concentration on his schoolwork, especially when he had to work on creating "his case"-his argument; opinion on current events.