Ling Lu in 1983
Ling in 1983
Ling Lu in 2009
Ling in 2009
Ling Lu
Portrayed by Johnny Wu (1983)
Bruce Locke (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Arrested

Ling Lu was the brother and killer of Jack Chao Lu. He was always loving and guiding Jack through life. But that bond would become strained and eventually break apart when the love of Jack's life, his girlfriend Tam Sung would be killed accidentally in a shootout during the festival she was preforming in. Jack knew from the start that the perpetrators were The Dragon Boys, a local gang in the neighborhood. Ling would later know it too, but had keep Jack quiet about it when he began working for them in their drug business. Jack would find out and confront Ling about "his betrayal" to him by being with the "monsters" who killed the most precious thing in his life and his BETRAYAL to the whole family by using, specifically the family vehicles in transporting the narcotics for his "*new*" bosses. When Jack wouldn't keep quiet, Ling, in fear of being shamed and disowned by his own family, would kill his younger brother.

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