Lindsay Chase
Lindsay in 1982
Lindsay Chase
Portrayed by Andrea Savage
Episode Schadenfreude
Status Deceased (1982)

Lindsay Chase was the wife of a wealthy doctor, Steven Chase but when one of his patients, Allan Moore who was his and Lindsay's best friend tragically dies when he was being operated on by none other than Steven himself, things were never the same. All of Lindsay's friends shunned her for losing her money and her husband being a "killer" But Kitty Shaw never did; a young woman, like Lindsay who met each other at the salon Lindsay always goes to and where Kitty works at. She would ask Kitty for a job. Kitty gave her one, Lindsay swept hair and cleaned up the shop for eight dollars an hour. When Lindsay's trouble with money continued she, with the aide of the drug addicted boyfriend Timmy Horan of her co-worker Melanie Castle, she started cooking methamphetamine in her home. She met a man who bought drugs from her named Mike Doherty who was a known criminal. She later needed more money, so she attempts to seduce Timmy so he will help her stage a break-in, but Kitty intervenes. Lindsay seeks the aide of Mike to stage her break-in. He which he agrees to do only if Lindsay will sleep with him, which she refuses. Lindsay comes home to find her husband with a gun pointed at his head. She talks him out of killing himself and he sets the gun down and goes upstairs. Lindsay is about to join him when Kitty wearing a blonde wig and Mike wearing a shaggy wig show up. Kitty tells Lindsay she gave Mike what he wanted, so that he would do the break-in. Lindsay disagrees and starts to argue with Kitty, which makes the latter angry. Lindsay then starts walking toward the stairs and Kitty picks up Steve's gun and shoots Lindsay, killing her. Steven then comes downstairs to see his wife dead and a blonde woman (Kitty) and a shaggy man (Mike) exiting his house. After the police are called, Steven is arrested for his wife's murder. Twenty four years later in 2005, he is finally set free from jail when his wife's real killers, Mike Doherty and Kitty Shaw are brought to justice.

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