Leon Krol
Krol in 2006
Leon Krol
Portrayed by Hans Howes
Episode Forever Blue
Status Presumed deceased

Leon Krol was a criminal who was the first person on the scene following the murder of police officer Sean "Coop" Cooper in 1968. Krol spotted a brick of heroin in the back seat of Coop's patrol car with a black harp stamped on it, identifying it as being from known drug dealer Teddy Burke. Krol took the heroin and fled shortly before Owen Murphy arrived.

Some thirty eight-years later, Krol, now in prison, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given four months to live. Wanting to die at home with his daughter, Krol offered up the information to Lieutenant John Stillman and Detective Lilly Rush in exchange. Unaware of why the heroin was in Coop's car, Krol seemed to take a perverse delight in the inplication that Coop was dirty.

It's unclear if Krol was released, though his information did lead to the closing of Coop's case. Krol has most likely since died.

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