Leon in 1982
Portrayed by Trevor Jackson
Episode Bombers
Status Deceased (1982)

Leon was Carlos Espinosa's best friend. He died a week before Carlos did, on October 2nd, 1982. He fell of a roof, and died on impact.

Gina states that Carlos found Leon eating out of a dumpster and took him under his wing, giving him the tag name 'Turbo102'. Though Carlos was a free spirit, Leon seemed to hold himself back quite a bit, due to his fear of heights which was shown in the opening scene for the episode.

This would later bite him in the ass.

One night, as Carlos and Leon are on a rooftop, the man who owns the building comes out, and tells them to GTFO. (He was tipped off by Tut.) Carlos dashes off the rooftop, landing safely, but Leon's aforementioned fear of heights comes back like herpes. After unsteadily trying to jump, after Carlos encourages him, he jumps from the roof.

However, he isn't as swift as Carlos.

He lands just short of the roof, as the man and Carlos look on, the latter trying to scoop him back up to make it out safely. Leon's hands slip, and he falls 13 stories, dying on impact.

Carlos would later make a grafitti tribute to him, adorning the sewer grafitti with stars and a ghostly image of Leon, the tag under it in orange, white, and black saying 'Turbo102'.

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