Laurie Dunne
Laurie in 2004
Laurie Dunne
Portrayed by Lindsay Hollister
Episode The Promise
Status Deceased (2004)

Laurie Dunne was a eighteen year old Pennsylvania State University freshman who died in a fraternity house fire. The fire was started by her friend, fellow freshman, and classmate Deidre Miller whose reason was revenge: she, Laurie, and their other friends were brutally humiliated by Laurie's other best friend and fellow freshman Dirk Bryant's fraternity brothers. Another reason was painfully personal for Deidre: she was raped by Councilman Joseph Avery, a graduate of Pen State and former member of the faternity. He was unflattering known for sexually harassing women, specifically women who work for him. Sadly, another person was involved with Laurie's death. Manny Jones, one of Dirk's faternity brothers and fellow student locked her in a room in the house and left her there to die in anger for her exposing him and the other guys: taking pictures of them hazing her and emailing them. She was probably going to give the pictures/emails to the school administrators and get the fraternity shut down, which was mentioned. Of course, Manny didn't want that to happen and did what he did. Dirk was there and did everything he could to save Laurie as the fire, caused by Deidre was spreading throughout the house. But he failed and she would die.


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