Laurie Dunne
Laurie in 2004
Laurie Dunne
Portrayed by Lindsay Hollister
Episode The Promise
Status Deceased (2004)

Laurie Dunne was an 18-year-old freshman at Pennsylvania State University who died in a fire at a fraternity house which was started by her best friend/fellow student/classmate, Deidre Miller.

The reason Deidre set the fire was for revenge after she, Laurie and their other friends were brutally humiliated by Laurie's other best friend, Dirk Bryant's fraternity brothers. Another was because Deidre was raped by Councilman Joseph Avery. One of Dirk's fraternity brothers, Manny Jones locked Laurie in a room and left her there to die after she exposed him and the other guys for taking pictures of herself being hazed and emailing them, planning to send them to the school administration. Dirk tried to save Laurie from the fire, but it was too late as she had succumbed from smoke inhaliation.