Laura Graham 1987
Laura in 1987
Laura Graham 2005
Laura in 2005
Nurse Laura Graham
Portrayed by Cheryl White
Episode Family
Status Alive

Laura Graham was the school nurse at Jimmy Tate and Quinn Ellis' high school. Jimmy went to her to find his options for Quinn's pregnancy. She showed him a picture of an aborted baby and told him it was already too late for her to get an abortion, and also strongly suggested against it.

Jimmy later caught her getting passionate with the (married) math teacher, Jered Wyatt, in a classroom. This, coupled with his problem with Quinn, led him to get Mr. Wyatt to adopt Quinn's unborn baby.

Years later, Laura Graham is still a nurse. In addition, she was suspected of having murdered Jimmy Tate due to taking her advice, as the Cold Case Unit suspected that she was using reverse psychology on him, and in addition also did odd actions for a school nurse such as running off a doctor off the road, as well as possessing a vehicle at that time that was believed to be the same one as the vehicle that murdered Tate. However, she revealed that her advice was indeed genuine, and also suggested they try looking into the sonogram records, as Tate took her advice and looked at a sonogram, as she was the one who supplied money for Jimmy to consider getting an abortion for Quinn. She was later questioned again about her affair, as that also supplied a strong motive to kill Jimmy. However, she once again denied it, although she did suggest they ask Angie Parrington, as she deliberately neglected her anti-psychosis medication on graduation day, and cited that the only other time she did so resulted in her setting a fellow cheerleader's hair on fire during a pep rally. She was last seen reading a book on the premises of the hospital she worked at.[[Category:Suspect

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