Kyle Silver 1985
Dr. Silver in 1985
Kyle Silver 1989
Dr. Silver in 1989
Kyle Silver 2004
Dr. Silver in 2004
Dr. Kyle Silver
Portrayed by Michael Nouri
Episode Maternal Instincts
Status Arrested

The lover and killer of Linda Frandsen. Their affair started in 1985 while they were both married. Linda wanted a child her husband couldn't give her, and Kyle was enamored by her beauty. He later reminisces "She was so sexy it was silly." He later ended the affair due to his own kids, but never forgot about her. Eventually, he hired a private investigator to find her so he could be with her. In 1989, Kyle tracked her to Philly, knowing all about her kidnapping of Bobby Gordon. He came to her house one night unannounced and revealed his intention to run away with her, warning her he knew her secret. Linda adamantly refused and insulted him, causing him to strike her. He then wrestled a knife from her hand and stabbed her three times in a rage, right in front of Bobby. Bloodied, he left for Washington D.C.

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