Joseph Shaw 2005
Joseph in 2005
Joseph Shaw 2006
Joseph in 2006
Joseph Shaw
Portrayed by Kenneth Johnson
First Appearance Joseph
Last Appearance Saving Sammy
Status Alive

Joseph Shaw was a counselor who worked with teen addicts in 2005. When an attempt was made on his life after witnessing a murder, Joseph went into hiding after faking his death until he was found by Detective Lilly Rush a year later, at which point the two began a brief relationship. But when Lilly's ex-boyfriend, Ray Williams came back in her life, he knew something was up and when he found WHAT WAS UP, he became jealous, feeling that Ray and Lilly might become an item again and that Ray is "stealing" his woman. So, he and Lilly would break things off. Before, she told Ray she can't start their relationship up again and said goodbye to him too.


Joseph was raised by a foster mother Reba Dautry. Reba was a neglectful mother, however, and the two did not get along. Joseph did become close to Reba's son Wilder Dautry, however. The two would eventually become heroin addicts, and Joseph would spend a few months in jail, but would eventually get clean. Wilder, however, would remain an addict and build up a long list of petty charges, despite Joseph's efforts to help him.

By 2005, the thirty-eight year old Joseph would eventually get a job at Robinson House, a rehab clinic for teenage addicts, where he would come to be greatly respected for his work. Robinson House would become Joseph's life. Rather than seeing the troubled teens as just a file, Joseph would often say it was important to see the lives behind the file.

Appearances Edit

Season 3

Season 4

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