John Wojciechowski
John in 2008
John Wojciechowski
Portrayed by James Ferris
Episode Sabotage
Status Alive

John Wojciechowski was a victim of serial bomber Alessandro Rossilini. An air force pilot, John, after his discharge, got a job as a commercial airline pilot. Shortly after becoming engaged to a woman named Jen in 2008, John was in the locker room of the Philly Sport and Racket Club, when one of Alessandro's music box bombs, left in a locker for Luke Ross and activated prematurely by cleaner Angel Perez, detonated. John was incapacitated by the blast, which blew his left hand off with enough force to leave it embedded in a wall, and as he laid barely conscious, glimpsed Alessandro walking by, whistling John Henry.

John was found by first responders and taken to the hospital, where emergency surgery saved his life, but not his hand. After his family visited him, John was interviewed by Lilly. John told Lilly about seeing someone walking through the ruined locker room while whistling John Henry, but said he could not remember anything else. Before Lilly left, John told her that, when she caught the bomber, to tell him he had failed to kill him.

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