John in 1983
John in 2007
John in 2008
John Smith
Portrayed by Field Cate (1983)
Damon Herriman (2007/2008)
Episode The Road
Status Arrested

"Once hope is gone, dying's just a formality."

John Smith was a serial killer.


Smith targeted women and enjoyed it when they gave up. He first did this in 1983 when he found a woman trapped in a waterwell. He spit in it and the woman drowned because she was tired. Seeing this inspired him to become a serial killer later in life.

Modus OperandiEdit

Using his job as a videographer, he targeted women who came to his workplace and hired him to edit their home movies for them. He picked women whom he noticed had something they lived for passionately, such as their family, their wedding or their religion. After abducting them, he would take them to a secret dungeon, where he would hold them captive and torture them psychologically until they broke down and became apathetic, at which point he would stop caring for them and even let them out, but by then they would no longer care and just stay in the dungeon until they died.

Known VictimsEdit

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