Jill Shelby
Jill in 1976
Jill Shelby
Portrayed by Kate Mara
Episode Look Again
Status Deceased (1976)

Jill Shelby was a fifteen year old girl who was brutally murdered by her obsessive and controlling boyfriend, seventeen year old Todd Whitley in a violent rage over his anger seeing her making out (kissing) with his younger brother, fifteen year old Eric Whitley and her protecting Eric when Todd started be cruel towards him. This started over Jill finding out about Todd's infidelity: he was cheating on her with HER OWN BEST FRIEND, Melanie, then also fifteen. She's now Melanie Whitley; she became close to Todd after Jill's death. To wrap it up, Jill felt "she was done" with Todd and why be with a cheater and jerk? She was also the first victim to be shown on the show.