Jesus Maldonado 1999
Jesus in 1999
Jesus Maldonado 2001
Jesus in 2001
Jesus Maldonado 2005
Jesus in 2005
Jesus Maldonado
Portrayed by Rigo Sanchez
Episode Saving Patrick Bubley
Status Alive

The loyal cousin, follower, and fellow gang member of Miguel Sanchez, leader of the O's, one of many gangs in Philadelphia. He would be there when Miguel killed his first victim of a family he and his crew would begin a feud with: the oldest boy, Vaughn Bubley. Miguel would go on to kill Vaughn's younger brothers, Cedric Bubley and Quincy Bubley. But for the last victim, Luther Bubley, he have his crew do the malicious deed. It is not known Jesus was there for the other murders, but what is CLEARLY known is he's madly in love with Miguel's girlfriend, Letecia.

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