Jason Beaudry 1990
Jason in 1990
Jason Beaudry 2004
Jason in 2004
Jason Beaudry
Portrayed by Nicholas Guest
Episode The Sleepover
Status Alive

On the outside, Jason seemed like an upstanding upper class citizen. Behind closed doors, he was a parent who was either indifferent to his children at best or abusive at worst. The night that Rita Baxter died he returned home and found that his daughter had a sleepover without permission. He intimidated Rita, but ultimately sent her home. Unbeknownst to him, Rita returned and witnessed him strongarm his son into waterboarding Brandi. 

Years later, they were interviewed when the police considered Neil Beaudry a suspect. Jason and his wife Holly denied meeting Rita, not wanting the police to find out about their abusive behavior.

After Tiffany O'Connell testified seeing him return home the night Rita Baxter died (as well as menacing her), Jason and Holly were brought in. Jason admitted that he had gone over the line by menacing Rita, but denied killing her. He tried to justify his behavior by talking about how Brandi had drowned their pet Cat. 

After Ariel Shuman was arrested, the Beaudrys tried to visit their son. Brandi, who was also visiting, asked Scotty not to let them in; Scotty agreed and slammed the door in their faces.

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