Janice Warner
Janice in 2007
Janice Warner
Portrayed by McNally Sagal
Episode Torn
Status Alive

Janice Warner was a college professor who taught a Women's Studies class in 2007. Janice tracked women who worked in traditionally male-dominated professions and mentioned them in lectures. These women included Lilly Rush, who was the only homicide detective in Philadelphia (until the additions of Lennie Desalle, Josie Sutton and later Kat Miller).

Janice was familiar with the women's suffrage movement of the early 20th century. She wrote her thesis on noted suffragette Alice B. Harris and even had the priviledge of interviewing her before Alice's death.

Janice's students included Emma Stone, who approached Lilly, asking her to reopen the case of her great-great-aunt Francis Stone, who was killed in 1919. It was discovered that Francis had become involved with Alice's cause, but was suspected of working against them as a spy.

When Lilly and Detective Nick Vera questioned Janice about it, Janice explained that this wasn't true. She showed them the recordings of her interviews with Alice, in which Alice revealed that Francis could not bring herself to betray the suffragettes.

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