Jane Everett
Jane in 1988
Jane Everett
Portrayed by Dorian Brown
Episode Breaking News
Status Deceased (1988)

Jane Everett was a news reporter anchorwoman for Channel 7 news. She was always looking for a news story, but her promising life and career was cut short. Jane was out for her morning jog. In the midst of it, she runs into Nathan Kravet, her boss. She tells him how she has been trying to get in contact with him. He asked what she wanted to talk about. She tells him she found a a groundbreaking story. She tells him how a company knowingly lets their employees get exposed to asbestos. She then tells him how she has an employee read the memo on tape. She is really excited about this story. She wants to get it released, so the families can get their medical bills paid for by the company. Nathan is excited too and happy for her. He asks where the tape is. Jane tells him it is a safe place. But he says he wants it to take it to legal. She yells at him, saying that will take too long. He tells her to think about the sponsors instead, telling her this is news now. She says that she will take it to a different news channel if he will be like that. He asks her what it will take. She says $1 million. He says that can be done, but she yells at him for agreeing to that after all the things he told her about asbestos. She starts to walk away. Nathan grabs her arm and stops her. She tells him to let her go. She starts to panic. She tries to run away, but Nathan grabs her and throws her to the ground. Jane tries to crawl away and starts to scream. Nathan screams at her to give him the tape. He grabs Jane's leg and tries to drag her back. She shakes his hand off and continues to crawl. He grabs her leg again. He tries to pull her back. He finally climbs on top of her. He grabs both ends of Jane's purple scarf. He pulls her scarf tight around her neck and starts to strangle her. She grabs at her neck trying to pull the scarf off, but it's too tight. She continues struggling trying to get her scarf off her neck. Nathan continues to pull tighter and tighter on Jane's scarf. She starts to gasp for air as Nathan continues to strangle her. She starts to slow down and struggle less. Her head falls forward. Her arms are still gripping her scarf. Nathan lets go of Jane's scarf. He looks at her for a second. He flips her onto her back and looks at what he did and runs off, leaving Jane's body behind.

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