Jane Doe
Jane Doe (C). 2007
Jane Doe
Portrayed by Eva-Maria Leonardou
Episode Cargo
Status Deceased (2007)

Jane Doe was an unidentified female whose body was found in the Delaware River in 2007. Based on her age, ethnicity, and dental work, authorities believed she was Eastern European, brought to the United States by a human trafficking ring led by Nachalnik for forced prostitution. Additionally, the soles of her feet had been burned with a cigarette, a form of punishment associated with Nachalnik.

While South detectives investigated the Jane Doe's death, the FBI, who had long been building a case against Nachalnik, had ADA Alexandra Thomas ask Phildadelphia Homicide detectives about any cold cases with a similar M.O., hoping this might help the FBI's case against Nachalnik. This led to them reopening the 2005 murder of Mike Chulaski.

The investigation would lead to the arrest of Mike's killer, Kateryna Yechenko, as well as Nachalnik herself, and the breaking of her trafficking ring. Unfortunately, the Jane Doe remains, to date unidentified and her death unsolved.

Eva-Maria Leonardou, who was only seen in a photograph, was uncredited for the role.

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