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Jane 1981
Jane in 1981
Jane 2003
Jane in 2003
Portrayed by Lacey Beeman (1981)
Saxon Trainor (2003)
Episode Love Conquers Al
Status Arrested


Jane was a high school cheerleader and the girlfriend of Bennett Cahill, the track captain for their school, Jefferson High as well as the mastermind to the murder of Paige Pratt, a track star and captain from Crespi High who Bennett was having an affair with. Of course, Jane was enraged that somebody else was honing on her man, "the love of her life". So, she concoted a plan with Bennett to kill Paige to "purify" their relationship. But the two had different motives for the killing: Bennett did it because he ADORED Jane and would have done anything to show her that he was sorry for the affair; he wanted to have the relationship they always had: loving and stable. Jane did it because she wanted revenge against "the slut" AKA Paige who messed around with her love; she wanted to show her who's boss and that she's serious that no one screws with her.

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