James Valentine
James in 2009
James Valentine
Portrayed by Sharif Atkins
Episode Officer Down
Status Arrested

Killer of Francisco Ariza. Valentine was a juvenile when he was sent to the Army to avoid prison time. After which, he stayed clean and he worked for Henry "Pop" Walters. Valentine warned Pops about Francisco Ariza, knowing Ariza was mean and violent towards Pops. When Pops was murdered, he was questioned by police. Before the shooting, Valentine stole some money from Pops, so he could buy a gun for Pops to defend himself from Ariza. Valentine soon broke into Ariza's girlfriend's apartment, where he was visiting and shot him to death, believing he was Pops' killer and avenging his death. But all the while, the killer WAS Francisco's little brother, Gabriel Ariza, who Francisco was defending before he died because he was the ONE who ACTUALLY murdered "Pops" because the older man was insulting the boys and Gabriel was furious, wanting vengeance against him. Valentine was later seen in his cell thinking how he just ruined his life by killing Francisco.

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