James Hogan 1989
James in 1989
James Hogan 2003
James in 2003
James Hogan
Portrayed by Jake Bern (1989)
Silas Weir Mitchell (2003)
First Appearance Sherry Darlin'
Last Appearance Kensington
Status Arrested

Murder victim Krystal Hogan's grandson. His life was very depressing and complicated. His parents died in a car accident and at then nineteen years old, he had to take care of Krystal Hogan, his then eighty year old grandmother, as he, his mom, and his dad did as a whole family (they moved in with her (his dad's mom), but like mentioned earlier: he has to do it himself. He has a half brother named Lonnie Gable (he and James share the same mother, but have different fathers) who earlier in 1989, was living in Baltimore, Maryland, but then moved to Philadelphia to be close to his half brother and half grandmother if they needed more help. James's then girlfriend, Sherry Stephens also lived with James and Krystal. She seemed to be a loving and caring girlfriend, but really she was a manipulative, greedy, and jealous woman. She was only with James because he and his family had money, but specifically Krystal had a $50,000 life insurance policy. She would kill Krystal by suffocating her with a pillow, while meek and low-esteemed James stood by, helpless. He would be arrested for being an accomplice in not the murder, but for not doing anything to save his grandmother along with Sherry, the actual killer.

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