James Hoffman
James in 2006
James Hoffman
Portrayed by Marshall Allman
Episode Knuckle Up
Status Deceased (2006)

James Hoffman was a sweet and smart seventeen year old boy whose family and life meant the world to him. But the growing strainess between him and his father, Darren was so hard and frustrating for him, so he would join a fight club, started secretly by some of his schoolmates/classmates from Hamford Prep High School. This a very out of character thing for some of the members (all male) including James. But one teenage boy, Cole "Ares" Palmer was a champion of the "sport" and really enjoyed it; he was also the leader of the club. Also, another teenage boy, Tanner Lennox was also very good at it and joined for the same reason like James: to vent out of his frustrations, caused by his family (specifically his father, Arthur). Well...tragically, James wouldn't live long to mend things with his father and graduate school, for he was a senior. He was brutally beaten to death by Arthur Lennox after James refused his begging to keep silent after witnessing his son brutally attack Martin Jacobson, a husband and father of one, who would later die of his injuries.

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