Hong Lu
Hong in 1983
Hong Lu
Portrayed by Raymond Ya
Episode Chinatown
Status Deceased (2009)

Jack Chao Lu and Ling Lu's very devout, controlling, quiet, and traditional father. He did not like his family talking or discussing events that were none of their business, or things that didn't concern them. But what he did like was them following "the family rules", one of them being on time, especially for work. That rule was followed quite well by his older son, Ling. But not by his youngest son, Jack who was more spirited and lively than the rest of his family. He was also busy courting a beautiful and bubbly girl, also seventeen years old who he knew since childhood, Tam Sung. Hong did not like that, but actually he did not know anything about Jack's secret romance, but there was some circumstantial evidence that he DID know. He was also married to Da Chun Lu, the boys' docile, but more caring and loving mother.

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