Henry Walker
Henry in 1943
Henry Walker
Portrayed by John Marzilli
Episode Factory Girls
Status Deceased (1988)

Henry Walker was the owner and manager of Brill, a factory that manufactured B-25 warplanes during the Second World War. His youngest son Buddie Walker, along with Alice Miller, Fannie, Martha, were employed there as factory workers in 1943, as was his secretary Dottie. The war took a great toll on Henry as his two older sons were both killed in the war.

According to Buddie, Henry dedicated his whole life to Brill, often staying all night to do the books. However, Henry also had a habit of skimming supplies paid for by the military to sell on the black market. Dottie was aware of this but felt it wasn't her place to say anything. Henry's skimming the profits was partly to build a savings account for Buddie to use to dodge the draft. This was a notion Buddie didn't approve of, as he wanted to serve as his brothers had. Alice eventually noticed the discrepencies and confronted Henry about it. Rather than turning him in, though, she asked for his help getting her Jewish cousin Ivan out of Europe. Henry directed her to Richard at Smokey's Dance Hall

Henry was also the only witness to Alice Miller's death at the hands of her husband Nelson Miller, a fact which he agreed to keep quiet about after Nelson gave him his war bonds. When Martha, who was leaving that night, asked him where Alice was to say goodbye, Henry lied and said she'd quit. After Alice's body was found at the factory the next day in her work clothes, Martha would become suspicious about his for decades.

A life-long drinker, Henry eventually died of liver failure in 1988. When Alice's case was reopened in 2004, Henry was initially a suspect based on Martha's account, though the investigation eventually led to Nelson.

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