Heidi Busch
Heidi in 2003
Heidi Busch
Portrayed by Isabelle Dahlin
Episode Love Conquers Al
Status Alive

Heidi Busch was the best friend of sophomore Paige Pratt at Crespi High School until Paige was murdered in 1981.

Heidi was aware that Paige had feelings for Bennett Cahill, a senior at Jefferson High School and that they had sex one evening after the last track run, despite the fact that Paige was dating Al Clarkson and Bennett was dating Jane.

Heidi was also aware that Jane had been calling Paige and harassing her after finding out about her. Paige still had feelings for Bennett though and wrote several notes to Heidi about it. Al was later arrested for Paige's murder. Heidi thought of Al as a "slime bag" and wasn't at all surprised.

In 2003, new evidence led to the police reopening the case. Heidi was questioned by Detectives Nick Vera and Will Jeffries about Paige and Bennett. Heidi no longer had the notes Paige had written her, but was able to give some useful information about Jane. Though she'd never thought much of Al, upon hearing that he was innocent, she remarked "that's a wasted life."