Heaton 1979
Coach Heaton in 1979
Heaton 2009
Coach Heaton in 2009
Coach Heaton
Portrayed by Brian Scannell (1979/1980)
Jude Ciccolella (2009)
Episode Iced
Status Alive

Heaton was the coach of the Fishtown Dockrats, which ceased in the 90's. One of his players, Tommy Flanagan was a talented and determined young man. Awkwardly, he would fall for the pretty Molly Heaton, Heaton's daughter. But this possible relationship would never become because of Tommy's best friend, Dwight Barnes. He would sexually assault her during a party to "hurt" Tommy because Tommy was "forgetting about him", making him feel alone, hurt, dejected, and VERY ANGRY! He would later kill Tommy during a very heated and violent argument over the mentioned things above; he would murder his best friend he knew since elementary school (3rd grade) by beating him to death. Coach Heaton would be a suspect in Tommy's case because of his spending time with Molly and her getting pregnant, supposedly by Tommy, but sadly, the baby (a girl; her daughter) was conceived during her rape by Dwight; he's the baby's father.

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