Harry Denton
Harry in 1974
Harry Denton
Portrayed by Brian Howe
Episode The Runaway Bunny
Status Deceased (1974)

Harry was a former corrupt cop turned P.I. who was hired by Caroline Hargreave to find her step daughter Bunny. He then discovered concrete proof Caroline was a black widow who killed Bunny's Father and her previous husband and was planning on having Bunny committed to an asylum to keep her quiet. Harry tired of being the bad guy in so many situations decided to help Bunny escape her step mother by faking her death and move her someplace safe with a new identity. He then found out that his old friend who was also Caroline's lawyer Wilson Katz help disposed of the evidence of the murders Caroline committed. He then confronted his friend and found out he did it because he loved Caroline. Harry told him to get away from her and that he was going to the cops then Wilson tried to buy his silence but, Harry ripped the check he gave him in half claiming he was no longer that guy anymore and that he was going to the police but was then shot in the back by Wilson. His death destroyed all the evidence against Caroline and she got away with murder.

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