Harland Sealey 1953
Harland in 1953
Harland Sealey 2004
Harland in 2004
Harland Sealey
Portrayed by Johnny Sneed (1953)
Orson Bean (2004)
Episode Red Glare
Status Arrested

Harland Sealey was the friend and killer of Elliot Garvey. Disturbed by the removal of a black boy from his class due to segregation, Elliot sought to take action and accompanied Harland to school integration meetings. This would get Elliot unwittingly tied up with communism, as many undercover Communists would attend these meetings. Eventually, Elliot would be summoned by the FBI to testify about a certain list of commuinsts. Harland himself wasn't on the list, but Reina Kraus, a fellow Communist and Siberian immigrant Harland was in love with, was. If Elliot gave up her name to the feds, she would've been deported. Seeing an opportunity to keep Reina, Harland found Elliot by his slashed car the night before he was suppose to testify and convinced him to walk home with him. He kept asking if Elliot would give up Reina, but Elliot didn't have a definite answer. Not wanting to risk Elliot exposing her, Harland struck him with his cane multiple times, killing him. Due to Elliot's status as a social pariah, Harland managed to get away with it for 50 years.

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