Griff in 1969
Portrayed by Matt Spangler
Episode One Small Step
Status Deceased

Griff was a teenager who was friends with Malcolm Kent in 1969. The two mean-spirited boys often enjoyed abusing and tormeting Malcolm's younger half-brother Bobby Kent and his friends.

On July 20 of that year, Griff and Malcolm attacked Bobby and his friends Danny Finch, Chuck Pierce, and Seth Lundgren while they were walking into the woods to launch a home-made rocket. Bobby, Chuck and Seth fled, but Griff and and Malcolm managed to grab Danny and his rocket. The two taunted Danny and threatened him with a switchblade until he fought back and broke Malcolm's nose. Malcolm started hitting Danny until Seth suddenly returned and knocked Griff and Malcolm down with a stick. The two younger boys grabbed the rocket and ran.

Griff and Malcolm were later drafted and sent off to Vietnam when they turned eighteen. Griff would die there, and Malcolm came back even worse.

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