Greg Wells in 2003
Greg in 2003
Greg Wells in 2006
Greg in 2006
Greg Wells
Portrayed by Greg Cipes
Episode Saving Sammy
Status Alive

Greg Wells was a teenage boy and bully who went to school with Ruby Harris, her younger brother, Brent Harris, and Ruby's then-boyfriend, Doug Sommer. He's first introduced when he's thought of a suspect in the murder of Ruby and Brett's parents, Steve Harris and Lisa Harris and he's questioned about that and him mysteriously dropping out of school after Steve Harris and Lisa Harris were killed. He was also questioned about a confrontation that occurred between him, Ruby, and Doug when he was bullying Brent during school, which possibly he did a lot of. Ruby saved her little brother from Greg and chastised him for it, in front of others and Doug did the same, but more physically and head on. He didn't appreciate the embarrassment and the detectives thought he tracked down the Harris' and killed the parents to get back at the kids. But he was cleared of any wrongdoing and the real killer was found: Doug Sommer, Ruby's then-boyfriend.

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