Grady Giles 1995
Grady in 1995
Grady Giles 2009
Grady in 2009
Grady Giles
Portrayed by Drew James (1995)
Warren Kole (2009)
Episode Hoodrats
Status Alive

Grady Giles is a young man who is skilled in skateboarding since he was a teenage boy. He would face competition in his younger years when another teenage boy, Nash Simpson from Gloucester City, New Jersey arrived in Philadelphia to escape his horrid family life. From the start, Grady would despise Nash because of his own talents in skateboarding which was a lot better than Grady and Nash's growing interest in Grady's then girlfriend, Vonda Martin, an attractive girl who excelled in photography. He would be one of the many suspects in Nash's murder for those very reasons, BUT IT WAS Cal Acevedo, a boy who grew very close to Nash in Philadelphia.