George Watson 1949
George in 1949
George Watson 1958
George in 1958
George Watson 2009
George in 2009
George Watson
Portrayed by Brian Hooks (1949, 1958)
Richard Gant (2009)
Episode Libertyville
Status Arrested

George was friends with Julian Bellowes at the army and he knew the secret of Julian since childhood. But in the army, George was a trouble maker who never followed the orders of Julian during the army time and they got separated after they returned to their home.

In 1958, George was in a restaurant when he recognized Julian, but he said to him he was not knowing of who he was talking. But he told him he recognized him and want to talk to him about working by putting carpet in all houses Julian built. But the truth was he wanted to buy a house for him and his family and see the perfect place for his future home. When Julian brought him to the place, George was angry at him because the bank refused his demand. When Julian told him it was "his fight" too and will help him, that comment only made George more aggressive. He grabbed Julian and told him that he was a shame for their race and killed him in cold blood.

In 2009, he was the last person who see Julian when he was young, but tells Lilly and John that he and Julian were friends for a long time and knew Julian's secret. But when he told them he will do the same thing as Julian for his secret, Jeffries became suspicious about him and his argument. Later, he's brought back to the the police station. Lilly show him a document found by Harry Kemp with a contract with his signature for a house. Jeffries told him he knew why he wanted that place and why the bank refused his demand. That made George admit his crime and be arrested.

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