Fred Norris
Fred in 1978
Fred Norris
Portrayed by Karlton Johnson
Episode The Last Drive-In
Status Deceased (1983)

Fred Norris was the fourth victim of Paul Shepard. He was a friend and co-worker of Calvin Walsh.

In 1978, Fred was a city bus driver who would not allow Bill Shepard and his son, Paul on the bus because they were short on fare. Bill pleaded with the bus driver, including telling him that he is a frequent customer. Bill also asked for help from the other people on the bus, for which he needed 50 cents. When no one responded, Fred, assuming they were homeless, told Bill and Paul that they could get a free bus pass from the shelter, and kicked them off the bus.

Fred was shot on September 9, 1983.

When Bill Shepard committed suicide in 1978, he referred to Fred in his sucide note as "the judgemental bus driver who offered nothing but pity."

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