Fly Away
Cold Case S01E08 Fly Away

Season : 1
Episode: 8
Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.
Written by: Veena Sud
Production Number: 176708
Airdate: 30 November 2003
Date of Crime: May 21, 2001
Previous: A Time to Hate
Next: Sherry Darlin'

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When a young woman, Rosie Miles (Laura Regan) wakes up from a coma, Lilly re-opens the fall in which her 6 year old daughter Toya (Aynsley Lemon) died. Things get complicated when the mother remembers very little of that night and Lilly feels especially motivated to find the killer, as Rosie was poor and living on welfare, reminding Lilly of her own past, and giving her an emotional bond to Rosie.



Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit




  • Azure Ray "Sleep"
  • Fuel "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)"
  • Closing Song: DJ Sammy & Yanou "Heaven (Candelight Mix)"

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