Cold Case S03E01 Family

Season : 3
Episode: 1
Directed by: Mark Pellington
Written by: Meredith Stiehm
Production Number: {{{production}}}
Airdate: 25 September 2005
Date of Crime: 11 June 1988
Previous: The Woods (Season 2)
Next: The Promise

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When a young girl is contacted by a man claiming to be her father, Det. Rush and her team reopen a 1988 case of a teenaged boy who was killed on the same night the girl was born.



Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • The newspaper article reporting George Marks's burial mistakenly gives his age as 40. This would have made him only seven years old during the 1972 flashbacks in "The Woods".


  • Pet Shop Boys "Always On My Mind"
  • The Church "Under The Milky Way"
  • Garth "Velvet & Veil"
  • Depeche Mode "Never Let Me Down Again"
  • Howard Jones *No One Is To Blame"
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark "Secret"
  • Rick Astley "Together Forever"
  • Closing Song: Peter Gabriel "In Your Eyes"

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