Eve Kendall
Eve in 1986
Eve Kendall
Portrayed by Mae Whitman
Episode Lover's Lane
Status Deceased (1986)

Eve Kendall was a beautiful and lively fifteen year old girl who was raped and stabbed to death by her friend Wayne Larkin's father, Jim Larkin during a romantic rendezvous with her boyfriend, Mark Adams. Jim wasn't a nice guy, was a jerk to his son and treated him sometimes like a slave, along w/ some other rude behavior. But his most unthinkable trait was he was a "secret" sexual predator who was never caught for his crimes. His preference were girls and his first victims were girls that he forced Wayne to get from work; they weren't coworkers, but customers. Wayne's mom and Jim's wife was out of their life for unknown reasons. She was close, like mentioned earlier with Wayne, her coworker and friend, Carrie Plummer, who would sadly become one of Jim's victims, and her lovable and caring boyfriend, Mark Adams.

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