Evan Corky Mazer 1989
"Corky" in 1989
Evan Corky Mazer 2010
Evan in 2010
Evan "Corky" Mazer
Portrayed by Brendan Robinson (1989)
Jed Rees (2010)
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Evan "Corky" Mazer was a then teenage boy who went to school with murder victim Felicia Grant in 1989 at McKinley High School. He was also one of the many admirers of the spunky and stunning Felicia. But being somewhat dorky and unpopular, it was a task for him to get near her and to express his true feelings to her. But, boy....would she find out, but not in the most pleasant way. On the night of their prom, specifically their senior, he would find a letter waiting for him. "Felicia" would write down that she also felt a great deal for him too. But sadly and embarrassingly, it wasn’t from her. Well...he would come over where she and fellow schoolmate/classmate and best friend Suzie Hill were sitting and chatting, telling her that he got "her" letter. While that was happening, Felicia’s boyfriend and date, Cole Austen and his pals overheard and started to laugh (Suzie would too, while Felicia sat there, very emotional)....Cole and his buddies were the ones behind the fake letter; guess they knew about Corky’s secret feelings for Felicia and felt it would be awesome and hilarious to prank the nerd. Well, the hurt and humiliated Corky took out his anger, but on the wrong person: poor Felicia. And then would run off! But Felicia didn’t know that Cole would do something despicable and insensitive, and get her unknowingly involved....geez! She, later would try to find Corky to sincerly apologize...too bad Cole and his friends wouldn't-JERKS! She also wanted to say she wasn’t involved and they can be somewhat friends, if he still wants! Twenty years later in 2010, the former McKinley High student and army man would be questioned about Felicia who would be later killed that day, night specifically because his fury over being pranked; he was thought of murdering her, but the real killer would be located: THE THEN ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL AND NOW PRINCIPAL, Steve Burke!