Eric in 1973
Eric in 2006
Eric Witt
Portrayed by Sam Murphy (1973)
Jeff Perry (2006)
Episode Superstar
Status Arrested

The killer of Andi Simmons. Eric, a writer for the college newspaper, had a tendency to develop crushes on the women he wrote about. His latest crush was Andi, whom he gives the nickname "Superstar". He would constantly call Andi's phone only to hang up after she answered. The night of her murder, after an argument with her father, Eric came to her dorm and showed her the latest piece he wrote about her. When Andi showed disinterest, he accused her of being ungrateful and tells her he made her, echoing her own father's sentiments. This enraged Andi, and she kicked him out of her room and told him she knew he was the one calling her, calling it pathetic. This was the final straw for Eric, who snapped and strangled her to death.

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