Eric Whitley 1976
Eric in 1976
Eric Whitley 2003
Eric in 2003
Eric Whitley
Portrayed by Finn Wittrock (1976)
Michael Reilly Burke (2003)
Episode Look Again
Status Arrested

Eric Whitley is the alcoholic, unemployed brother of successful lawyer Todd Whitley, the real murderer of Jill Shelby, Todd's then girlfriend. Eric was never better than his brother at anything, that is until he managed to make the wrestling team, something Todd failed at. However Todd's natural need to be better than his brother at everything refused such a reality and resulted in him stealing Eric's Letterman jacket and claiming it as his own.

In 1976, Eric watched his brother murder Jill who he secretly crushed on with a tennis racket, but did nothing to stop it. The two covered it up and kept it a secret until 2003, likely because he knew he would be the one blamed.

The incident affected Eric far more than his sociopathic brother, unable to hold a job or a relationship he fell into the bottle. He did manage to become sober during the event prior to the episode, but fell off the wagon when the case started up again.

Eventually realising he was cornered, Todd pinned the blame on Eric for the killing, to which Eric finally reveals what happened when they were teens, and provides enough proof to get Todd arrested.

Despite not being the actual killer, Eric was arrested as well for being an accessory to murder, having covered up the incident without telling the police (probably out of fear).