Elizabeth Stone
Elizabeth in 1919
Elizabeth Stone
Portrayed by Carolyn McCormick
Episode Torn
Status Deceased

Elizabeth Stone is the mother of Francis Stone who was killed in 1919. When Francis was involved in the women's suffrage movement, Elizabeth was against it. On June 23, 1919 when Francis was heading out of the house Elizabeth stopped her, then Francis started to talk about how women should have rights and how men shouldn't run their life. Elizabeth gets furious and grabs Francis. When Francis tries to break free she tumbles over the second floor railing, Elizabeth screams and runs downstairs as soon as Francis hits the ground. Francis dies from the fall. 14 months later on August 18, 1920 the 19th amendment is ratified which gives women the right to vote. That same day Elizabeth makes a recording about how happy Francis would have been if she was alive. And to play over and over again.

Francis's case is opened 88 years later in 2007 by her great great grand daughter Emma Stone, and later realized it was an accidental death.

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