Eileen Bruno 1968
Eileen in 1968
Eileen Bruno 2006
Eileen in 2006
Eileen Bruno
Portrayed by Kristi Clainos (1968)
Toni Sawyer (2006)
Episode Forever Blue
Status Alive

Eileen Bruno was the ex-wife of Jimmy Bruno.


Eileen and Jimmy married young. They had three children together: two boys and a girl. When she was pregnant with her third child, she spied Jimmy kissing Sean "Coop" Cooper. Eileen was very cold and distant to Coop after this. She confronted Coop about the affair he was having with Jimmy at the christening party.

Sometime after Coop died, Eileen divorced Jimmy because of his affair with Coop.

In 2006, when the Philadelphia Homicide detectives reopened Coop's murder, Eileen told them about Coop and Jimmy's affair. This information helped the detectives to solve Coop's murder.

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