Dwight Barnes 1979
Dwight in 1979
Dwight Barnes 2009
Dwight in 2009
Dwight Barnes
Portrayed by Michael Trotter (1979/1980)
Robert Romanus (2009)
Episode Iced
Status Arrested

Dwight Barnes was the best friend and killer of Tommy Flanagan. Despite being on board with Tommy's plan to join the local hockey league, he grew lonely and jealous at the fact that Tommy was devoting most of his free time to the sport, making Dwight feel left behind. This culminates in Dwight getting Tommy's crush, Molly Heaton drunk during a party and raping her, resulting her being pregnant. When Tommy found out about the pregnancy, he was reasonably furious and got into an argument with Dwight when the latter tried to talk to him at the ice rink. Tommy proceeded to call Dwight a loser and told him his baby was better off not knowing him. Dwight grabbed Tommy's brother Sean Flanagan's hockey stick and hit Tommy in the back of his neck in a fit of rage. He told Tommy to take it back, but Tommy remained defiant, his final words being: "You're a loser, Dwight. You always will be." Dwight dealt one final blow and left the rink, leaving Tommy to bleed out on the ice.