Doug Sommer in 2003
Doug in 2003
Doug Sommer in 2006
Doug in 2006
Doug Sommer
Portrayed by Jake Abel
Episode Saving Sammy
Status Arrested

Doug Sommer was Ruby Harris' boyfriend who killed her parents, Lisa Harris and Steve Harris when he found out they were moving to Vermont. Doug came from a troubled family, and regarded the Harris family as the one he'd never have, feeling a great affinity towards them. When Brent got into a special school in Vermont, Doug was upset, as he adored Ruby and would've had everything he loved taken away from him, as the Harris family would've had to have moved to Vermont. He held up Steve and Lisa at gunpoint in their car, admitting he was sorry but he couldn't let them take everything away from him. Despite Steve saying they wouldn't go to Vermont, Doug didn't believe them, and proceeded to shoot them both to death in front of Brent, before making sure Brent's fish Sammy was safe and running away.