Donna in 1978
Portrayed by Alissa Dean
Episode Bad Night
Status Alive

Donna was a college friend of Angus Bistrong, Vicky Leoni, and Craig in 1978. Donna witnessed the Angus' car accident that year that left Vicky paralyzed and, like Craig, she blamed Angus for driving too fast.

Donna was clearly interested in Craig, although Craig was dating Vicky at the time. When they drifted apart after the accident, Donna and Craig eventually hooked up. Six months after the accident, the four of them went to see the movie Halloween together on the night of October 29, 1978, though Craig and Donna remained cool to Angus after Vicky left. Angus was murdered later that night.

In 2005, when Angus' case was reopened, Donna was in Europe and couldn't be reached by detectives.

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