Dominic in 1999
Dominic in 2004
Dominic LaSalle
Portrayed by Alec Medlock (1999)
Jason Dohring (2004)
Episode The Plan
Status Unknown

Dominic LaSalle was the first victim of Nash Cavanaugh, his swim coach/teacher. Later in the year (1999), Nash would be killed by one of his former students, James Creighton who was by then the night security guard. Tragically and ironically, James was one of Nash's original victims of his abuse when he was younger; it is unknown if anybody was wronged by Nash. He, James would be now a drill sergeant/assistant to the school, Wilkes Military School For Boys's principal, Colonel Henderson. He, Dominic, along with still fellow classmates, RJ Holden and Jerry Kasher would be accused of murdering Nash because of his heinous acts on them. But like it was revealed earlier, James was the actual murderer! Plus, vital information is Dominic would be in a coma towards and at the end of the episode after a failed suicide attempt because the horrific memories of his abuse would be too much to bear.....UNBELIEVABLE! :(