Dom in 1963
Dom in 2007
Dom Barron
Portrayed by Jonathan Keltz (1963)
David Selby (2007)
Episode Boy Crazy
Status Arrested

Dom Barron was Samantha Randall's only friend and her crush. He was the typical bad boy loner of his class and he was into drag racing, drinking and cutting classes.

Boy CrazyEdit

At first he seemed annoyed by Sam as she tried to become his friend but eventually accepted her as they both felt like the world was always against them. They made a pact to always be free or to die trying.

Then Sam kissed him that night and he pushed her away as he was confused by her boyish appearance. Dom, however, cared about Sam much more than he let on because he went to her rescue at the hospital but he was too late as she was already brain dead. He then cried and begged her to come back but all she could mutter was "don't I look pretty" and "make me free". Remembering their pact, Dom gave Sam a goodbye kiss and proceeded to smother her with a pillow. In the end, as he is arrested, he sees Sam and they share a smile of understanding.

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