Dirk Bryant 2004
Dirk in 2004
Dirk Bryant 2005
Dirk in 2005
Dirk Bryant
Portrayed by James Immekus
Episode The Promise
Status Alive

Murder victim Laurie Dunne's best friend. At the time of her death, they weren't close as they were: Dirk became involved with a group of boys (his fraternity brothers and fellow pledges). The older boys of the group (the fraternity brothers) weren't the nicest people ever: they're rude, careless, dominating, etc. But his fellow pledges were like him: sweet, caring, but a bit naive; they really wanted the older guys to like them and let them be part of the group. And Laurie remained the same: nerdy, cheerful, and confident. She became close to a group of people like that; it was mostly made up of girls. One of the girls, Deidre Miller became exceptionally close to Laurie. After Laurie's death, he hid an awful secret: he saw Laurie die after being locked in a room in the fraternity house during a fire, sadly caused by Deidre who did it in a emotional state-revenge. The person who also caused Laurie to lose her life was the man who locked her away: one of Dirk's fraternity brothers, the evil Manny Jones who seemed to be the leader of the group. His motive was a mix of heat of the moment and silence. Back to Dirk, he would never forgive himself for still being friends with Manny and the others and not be able to save Laurie, the only true friend he had, and also not be the Dirk he was. He's now like his brothers: a jerk, etc.[[Category:Suspects

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